Mission Haiti : Day 7

Mission Haiti : Day 7

Reality is setting in.  Today was our last day serving at ESMI Cambry.  But we started our day determined to make the most of it.  Our days start early with breakfast, a brief team time devo and then individual TAWG (time alone with God).  Then we the started the journey down the hill back to “the wall”.

It really has been amazing how much of the wall we’ve been able to rebuild or repair.  And at first, we struggled a bit with this as our project, but when Pastor Louis stopped by today, we realized how important this wall is for the kids’ safety and security.  Which makes sense when you have hundreds of orphans running around a very large complex.  And sometimes it is also difficult to see when the work can be routine and a bit mundane, but we have grown to realize that we are just a small part of the recovery process and that the work we are doing is actually multiplied by every orphan that will be protected, cared for and nurtured here.  So, we are laying more than bricks.  And it has been our prayer that God would continue to have His hand on this place, this ministry and most certainly the children housed here.

And speaking of the children, today was no exception to the ministry we have had with them – and honestly – received from them.  We can’t go anywhere without one (or more) attached to an arm, back or hip.  And we have been able to put into practice what we’ve looked at in our team time in the Word – that Jesus’ came to show and give a physical love.  He healed the sick, touched the lame, gave sight to the blind – it was a ministry to the least of these.  Our ministry here, while we certainly recognize we are not Jesus, has been done in Jesus name – striving to follow His model.  We know that we will have a very difficult time saying goodbye tomorrow.

After we finished our work for the day, we ran down to the soccer field for a pick-up game.  The kids are unbelievable – running on a field barefooted of mainly rocks and handling the ball like they’re playing for the Olympic team.  Other tossed the frisbee, sat and talked with kids, had kids fall asleep on them, spun kids dizzy, flew their homemade kites and more fun till we were exhausted.  In the midst of the fun, Pastor Louis stopped by to check in on us and to thank our team for coming and for the work we were able to do.  He also gave us more insight into just how damaging the storm was in this area and for the people.  He told us more about ESMI and their ministry.  And he gave us a better glimpse into his heart and passion for his people and for Haiti to know Christ.  They are striving to change more than lives… by the power of the Spirit, they want to see this island changed.  We are committed to partnering as best we can – most certainly through prayer – to that end.

Tonight, they laid out quite a spread for dinner and treated us poolside (which incidentally was our shower tonight… you learn to be creative and flexible around here when the water goes out).  But ESMI has been amazing hosts and we have been so blessed by their hospitality.  It has been awesome for us to watch their staff team at work – from the guest house cooks and hosts, to the drivers, translators, house moms and dads and construction workers that we have worked alongside.  God has truly put together an awesome team that is serving here.

We finished our day with team time – debriefing what this mission has meant to us and where we have seen God at work.  Our time here has most certainly had an impact on us and we pray we have had an impact here.  Missions is a unique combination of seeing God work through you, but usually more noticeable is His work in you.  We have experienced that this week.  And only heaven will one day reveal the impact our time on this mission here in Haiti has had.  But we know we will leave changed.  And we know we will also leave a piece of our heart behind here at Cambry.

Thank you so much for allowing us to come and serve by your financial support and most importantly your prayer support.  While we aren’t quite ready to leave, we know the mission of God has no geographical limits, so we will leave ready to give the Gospel away wherever He takes us!

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  1. Good work Todd and mission team!
    Thank you for sharing how God is working in and through you!
    Your Friend in Christ,

    Robert Wheeler

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