Mission Nicaragua :: Day 10

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 10

Well, today was certainly bittersweet as the day was coming to a close and the bus was pulling out of the Ruby Ranch driveway.  We’ve invested the last 9 days there – between camp and construction and honestly, it was hard to leave.  We also had to say goodbye to the kids that came to play after school.  Goodbyes aren’t natural, so we like to say, “see you later.”  And we truly mean that.  By God’s grace we want to continue the relationships we have formed this year.  Our prayer and hope would be to always return and keep investing in the people of this country.

Today was our last full day of construction, so we were working hard to complete as many projects as possible that we had our hands in at some point.  We weren’t able to finish the interior of the cabin or the porch underneath, but we got them both as far as we could and others will pick up where we left off.  We also prepped for another sidewalk that will be completed after we have gone.

But we were able to finish the posts and totally enclosed the area for the deer (aka The Deer Sanctuary).  We got all the chainlink fencing in place and custom built the door frame, but the door needs to be completed and hung.  We also laid the piping for water for the deer after tying in at the chicken coop.  But in a big surprise, the deer actually made the trip out to Ruby Ranch from the Quinta.  Despite them not enjoying their car ride, they are loving their new enclosure.  The kids are going to love this addition to the Ranch and getting the chance to interact with the deer.

We completed yet another trenching project to help control water (a common goal around here in the rainy season) around the bathrooms.  More mixing of concrete after some digging and the project was done.  Some landscaping work was also in the works today as well as some playing with kids when they arrived after school.

There was an unexpected “project” (I use that term loosely as it was really a person) that was brought to our attention and the story is worth sharing.  We were presented with the opportunity to help Henry (aka the Nicaraguan Chuck Norris).  We work alongside him (literally) every year and he is amazingly strong and a hard worker.  Honeslty, he puts us all to shame and we can never keep up.  But this year we got to see the strength of his inner character.

We offered to pour concrete to build a porch at his house.  After thinking about it, he called to say that he knew a woman in a wheelchair that would need the blessing more that him.  We had two of her granddaughters at camp last week.  Henry was so selfless and so yesterday we went to her home to meet her.  We learned that she has been paralyzed for the last 26 years after falling off a horsecart.  She was smiling the entire time she shared her story.  We returned today, this time with the whole team to present here with a carload full of groceries and household items.  More that she probably has ever had as she lives a very meager existence.  We prayed over her and her home and are hopeful to have some money left in order to leave so her dirt floors can be poured into concrete.

We leave sweaty and exhausted, but the bus ride home always offers some amazing vistas.  From the volcano in the background, to the beautiful sunset or the view of Managua lit up as darkness falls… God’s handiwork is continually on display.  We are amazed, also, at what He has done in us and through us.  And we know He isn’t finished yet.  Tomorrow, we head to Ruby’s House of Prayer for a special time of worship and prayer.  Be praying God meets us in that place and shows us His power and healing.

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