Mission Nicaragua :: Day 11

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 11

Today’s update should contain many words, yet I sit here to write and struggle to find adequate words to capture what we experienced today.  Everything about our day started the same, but nothing about our day finished that way.

After closing the chapter on both our camp week and construction projects, today we had a different day in store.  For our last full day here, we headed off in the morning to Ruby’s House of Prayer.  I’ve written before about Sister Ruby and won’t go into much detail other than to say, (1) I really miss that dear woman of God and (2) her legacy lives on in the very upper room where God’s Spirit blows through like a gentle breeze.  Sister Ruby was one of a kind and had a profound impact on my life and ministry.  Many things she prayed over me through the years continues to live on and develop.  The Buzbees have faithfully carried on this ministry of prayer.

We gathered in the upper room of Ruby’s house and started a time of worship and prayer.  God met us in that place and moved powerfully in our hearts.  Encouragement happened, tears were shed, anointing took place, dreams and visions were birthed and faith was strengthened.  How do you put into words such an amazing experience?

After being spiritually hit by a Mac truck, we loaded up the bus for some much deserved down time.  We made our traditional PB&J lunch for one last time (on a moving bus) and ate on our way to Lagoon de Apoyo.  Faced with multiple options for our fun time, this is what the team chose again this year.

The Lagoon is a beautiful resort with dining overlooking the crater lake that was created by an exploded volcano tens of thousands of years ago.  Now it is filled in with a cool, beautiful blue water that was a blast to swim in and just relax as a team.  God knew what we needed after having such an amazing, yet spiritually exhausting morning.

We had our last team time tonight and unfortunately had to start the packing process. Reality us starting to set in that we leave in the morning.  In the morning, we’ll hear about the Master Plan for Ruby Ranch and then head to the market (a team favorite) on the way to the airport.  Please be praying we finish well and travel safely back to the States.


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