Mission Nicaragua :: Day 12

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 12

Today reality set in.  We woke up and realized everything was going to be different as we were wheeling our suitcases down to the Rancho for breakfast.  I guess it is true that all good things do have to come to an end, but we were doing pretty well ignoring that reality.  So, team breakfast was a bit more somber than usual.  The morning greeted us with a rain shower.  The feelings of “see you later” started to permeate the air.

But, after breakfast, we got to see the Ruby Ranch Master Plan.  We got to hear the vision and see what the finished project may look like (and the sooner $2 million dollars come in, the faster it gets done)!  Seems crazy, but God we remember that nothing is impossible with God.  It was encouraging for our team to see that the work we accomplished this week plays into a larger vision with a far-reaching impact.

No trip to Nicaragua is complete without a trip to the market.  The running joke is the market is where you can get everything that was made in China that says “Nicaragua” on it.  But it is a tradition.  We didn’t have much time, but everyone got to make it around to pick up their souvenirs to take back home.  The market is home to just about everything, including food, but we didn’t make it back to the food section (an experience you never forget).  Crazy for me is seeing some of the kids that sell in the market that I’ve watched grow up there over the last 10+ years.

From the market, we were off to the airport to run through the gauntlet of the Managua check-in process.  It was crazy as usual and that left us only a little bit of time to scarf down some lunch before going through security and on to our gate.  But we all made it and had a good flight back into Miami.  Immigration and customs went well for all but two (something always happens) and then we were back on US soil.  The next choice is a big one… what kind of food does everyone want to eat for dinner.  We had a decent layover and had plenty of time to grab and meal.

From there it was our last leg back to Tallahassee.  An uneventful flight is a good thing and next thing you know we’re walking down the hallway and spotting friends, family and loved ones that were waiting to greet us.

Mission Nicaragua 2017 is officially behind us… however we know that the mission never ends.  God has brought this chapter to a close but the Great Commission stands before us as a goal we continue to strive to complete.  Until all the world knows…

Thanks again for your continued prayers and support this mission!  We felt the love and support  May God be glorified and the Gospel continue to go out in word and in deed.

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