Mission Guatemala :: Day 2

Mission Guatemala :: Day 2

If we had to pick two words to recap today they just might have to be sweaty and sunburn.  We didn’t start that way, but we sure finished that way.

We started early and headed down the mountain to have breakfast and then a tour of the ministry center.  It is an amazing facility that houses the feeding program, education, recreation and even a medical clinic.  From there, we loaded up the back of the truck (how we travel in town) and made our way for our first visit to Los LImones, the primary community we will be working in.  We left the city and headed down the dirt road.  We made some stops along the way to see some of the ministry projects that have already been completed – like the church and the other two wells.

We then arrived at the third well, that was just completed and got to see the size and scope of the construction project we are working on.  We are helping build a building that will not only house the well, but be a functional community center for the people.  We got right to work – moving dirt, laying mortar and block for the footers, building rebar and making concrete.  Many of these skills we have from all our work in Nicaragua and we were pleased to see a very similar construction style.

About midday, we headed back to the ministry center in Gualan to participate in the feeding program.  Every Tuesday and Thursday, around 70 kids come to get lunch and then have an opportunity to learn and play.  We were most certainly down for the play until they had to go and left us exhausted!

Then it was back to Los LImones and right back to work.  We were amazed to see people from the community – especially a group of ladies jump right in and help with the work.  Then some of the kids from the program also gathered to see what was going on.  We’re excited to see these relationships beginning to form and can’t wait to really get to know them next week at camp.

After a full day of work, we were back to the ministry center for dinner.  Food just always seems to taste better when you are filthy and exhausted from a hard day of work.  From there, we headed back to the hostel to shower and get ready for our team time.  This is always a special part of each of our mission team’s experiences.  God has already been paving the way in our hearts and it was great to connect with God’s Word and each other tonight.

Our bodies are still adjusting, so we are praying for a good night’s rest and can’t wait to see what God has in store for us tomorrow!

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