Mission Guatemala :: Day 3

Mission Guatemala :: Day 3

Our team is settling into the rhythm of life here on mission in Guatemala.  And it is awesome to see how the team has been focused on unity through a common Gospel and common mission.  Everything we do, we do together – from our meals, to times in God’s Word as a team, to construction, to playing with kids or just caring for one another.  And it has been a blessing to be invited into this ministry to get to know the ministry leaders and join with them and work where God is working.

As far as construction goes, most are finding their groove as to what they are able to do, but most are willing enough to step out of their comfort zone and learn new things by trying.  And even though the sun and temperature seems to be unrelenting, the attitude of serving with joy continues to shine through.

We continued construction on the ministry center and block by block we are going from footers to walls that are starting to have some height.  And of course there is more dirt to be moved, whether backfilling into the walls or removing part of the hill adjacent to the property.  The work can be tedious, but it was rewarding to see more and more sections completed.  And the skills being learned – from mixing concrete and mortar, to laying block, to building rebar are incredibly valuable.

Around noon, we took a break to head back to the ministry center for lunch.  With temps reaching 100, we took advantage of the siesta that is prevalent in Latin culture.  Some on the team went for the full experience and actually got a nap in before we headed back for more work in the afternoon.

More and more kids are coming around to the worksite, which is always a welcome sight (and often a quick break from the work).  But we are learning more names and relishing the chance to engage in some conversation or just to hold some kids or play.

On our way back from a full day of construction, we stopped for a community meeting to prepare for our camp that we will host next week.  It was awesome to see all the mothers and kids that had gathered to learn about what we will be doing and to get their “ticket” for camp.  We are excited to get to spend this time with them and can’t wait to see how God is going to use camp in their lives.

We finish each evening with team time – time together as a group where we debrief our day and spend some time in God’s Word.  And then we wrap the evening in small groups.  Our day is starting even earlier tomorrow, so we are off for some much needed rest.

Thanks for following our mission and for your continued prayer support!

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