Mission Guatemala :: Day 7

Mission Guatemala :: Day 7

Well, today we settled in to our regular routine which involves a half-day of construction in the morning and then camp in the afternoon.  Although, this morning started with a literal bang to celebrate one of our team member’s birthday during breakfast.  Apparently the Guatemalan tradition is to light off some fireworks first thing to celebrate and they were shockingly loud!  But that got our day going for sure!

We loaded up and got right to work at the site and today was summed up with two words: move dirt.  We have now set most of the footers and so we are now having to backfill the walls with dirt.  We formed our ever impressive bucket lines to move that dirt!  But it was hot, exhausting work so to a degree we were relieved to only have a half day.

Next up was lunch with the kids.  Today’s camp was a totally different group of kids which was around 40-50 of them.  The kids come from Limones like our other group, but these are already a part of the feeding program.  So they already knew the routine and were comfortable with us since we had been together last week.  This made camp run much more smoothly thank yesterday.  And it also helped that we had one day of running camp already under our belt.  But the team did an amazing job running each of their stations – despite some dealing with a little upset stomach or just feeling worn down.  But we are committed to working hard and getting as much finished as possible.  And we are leaning in on God’s strength in both construction and in camp.

After camp, we had a bit of a break before cleaning up and dinner time and got to experience the local market in Gualan.  It wasn’t quite the same as what we have been used to in Nicaragua, but it was still a great experience.

I’ve been really encouraged with our team time these past few nights.  The level of honest and openness to the work of the Holy Spirit has been awesome.  As well as a commitment to sit under God’s Word and have Him press into our hearts.  He is doing a good work.  It’s been a painful one at times, but we know that He does all things for our good and for His glory.

Thanks for continuing to follow along and pray for our team.  Pray for stomachs to fully heal and for us to finish well.  And don’t forget you can follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/wsm.mission.nicaragua/), Instagram (@wildwoodstudents) and Twitter (@wildwoodstudent) to catch updates and more photos – since they struggle to upload here.

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