Mission Guatemala :: Day 8

Mission Guatemala :: Day 8

The Lord continues to amaze us in His beauty of His creation down here, the joy and laughter of the kids at camp and even all the blood, sweat and tears (and there has been all three) that has gone into our construction project.  And our individual time and team time with the Lord has been challenging and rewarding.  God doesn’t always show up in the ways we hope or even expect but we most certainly can say that He is with us and moving in our hearts and through our team.  And for that we are grateful and most certainly give Him glory.

As we headed from the ministry center to the construction site, we are greeted all along the way.  Especially as we turn down the little dirt road that takes us right through Los Limones.  What used to be some strange looks and a few waves has now become kids yelling and chasing the truck (some are fast enough to jump in for a ride).  And more and more show up at the site to just hang out with us as we work.  This is the power of relationships that crosses linguistic barriers.  It’s the power of love on display.

The quote of today from construction was, “There isn’t a pore of my body that sweat isn’t pouring out of.”  We were all drenched from a 110 heat index within the first half hour of work.  And we were right back at it with backfilling dirt to the completed walls and then working another section of wall to complete.  Our construction finished with our famous bucket line (or bucklet line in Spanish – shout out to Santos in Nicaragua for that one).  We had a long stretch to cover to move a huge mix of concrete to fill the forms that will reach three stories on the well house.  Slowly but surely progress is being made.

It was then back to the center to welcome the kids back to camp.  This was the return of our first group of kids (we have M-W kids and T-TH kids).  And these are the youngest, never been to camp kids.  So it is a bit more challenging.  But we learned not to separate the younger siblings – which hopefully I can share about what we’ve seen and learned from Guatemalan family culture, but today went much smoother with these precious kids.  Each station continues to engage and enrich their lives.

After dinner at the center, we were grateful for another rain shower.  It drops the temps easily by 10 degrees.  And the farmers here – which mainly do corn and beans – are incredibly dependent on the rain and it has been much needed.

Our evening team time is always a highlight for me and we’ve taken a look how God calls us to “be anxious for nothing.”  This of course is easier said than done, but God has been exposing our hearts and moving deeply with the promises from His Word.

We do still have a few stomachs that are unsettled, but really everyone is doing well.  Exhaustion sets in at times, but the attitudes and team camaraderie has remained strong.  Thank you for continuing to pray and follow our journey from afar.  Pray that we will remain healthy and finish well.

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