Mission Nicaragua :: Day 1

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 1


We’re back!  It feels so good to type those words.  We loved our time in Guatemala last year but we were so excited when God opened the door for us to return here to Nicaragua.  For many, Nicaragua is where their heart was first pricked for advancing the Gospel to the ends of the earth.  It’s where relationships were born and now forged over 15 years of ministry.  And it’s where we have an extended family in the Open Hearts Ministry team.

It was an early morning for us but God was most certainly with us in all of our travels.  From Tallahassee to Miami and then Miami on to Managua… we all made it and so did all the luggage.  Praise God.  After arrival, we took a quick stop to grab a bite to eat and then stock up on a few groceries for the next few days.

We made it in to the Buzbees to get settled in and were able to have a relaxing afternoon to get unpacked and prepared for our time of ministry here.  We enjoyed a great dinner together and did our first team time tonight.  Each night, we meet as a team to process the day and then spend some time in Bible study together before our small groups.

We’ve got a big day of ministry ahead of us tomorrow out at Ruby Ranch.  We are all very excited to see what God has in store for us individually and as a team.  And we can’t wait to see how God is going to work in and through us.  Stay tuned here for updates.  We’ll also post pictures and updates to our social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram) and we also have a Facebook page that will get updated.  Thanks for praying for us and following us on this year’s mission!

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