Mission Nicaragua :: Day 5

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 5

The days come early here and the nights often go late.  We are soaking (or more like cramming) all we can into each and every day.  “Make the most of every opportunity…” comes to mind.  And “work the team crazy hard so they sleep well…” but I don’t think that one is in the Bible.

After breakfast, we start our mornings with a quick team devotional (led by one of our team members) and then have individual time alone with God (we call it TAWG) and then we finish our day with team time where we talk through our day and where we saw God at work in our day.  We also then spend a solid amount of time in Bible study where we are looking at how God leads us into and meets us in the wilderness season of our lives.  We then have small groups before heading off to bed.  So we are starting and ending with God and then following His lead throughout the day.

It was our second day of camp and we were feeling good knowing we had a good first day and hopefully had worked out some of the kinks.  The kids were there and ready to start!  So we launched into our schedule and had a great time moving from class to class.  We noticed the trust in the relationships are starting to deepen and they are opening up more and more.  The new kids feel more comfortable and all of them are engaging well in our classes.

After lunch, again, many of the kids stayed – and who wouldn’t?  Ruby Ranch is an amazing place to just be a kid.  So a good few on our team kept the fun going while others moved over to the construction project.  We are working hard to complete the waterslide before our big camp ender on Tuesday.

So that meant moving more dirt, leveling the ground, moving more cantera stones and then it was all hands on deck for the new slide installation.  The special order slide was manufactured here in Nicaragua and came in weighing close to 600 pounds.  After creating a plan, we had to even recruit kids from camp to help us move it into place.  About every 3 or so feet we had another set of hands on the slide and then proceeded to climb the current slide to get this one in place.  It was a major undertaking to say the least, but we were able to get it placed and secured at the top.  Final installation will come later.

It’s exciting to see camp moving forward and construction moving forward.  We do ask you to continue to pray – especially for a few of our team members who fell under the weather.  Pray for God’s strength and healing power!

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